20130803-233414.jpgAs a music aficionado, I felt it necessary to stay free & clear from reviewing Jay-Z twelve studio album (YES 12!!) until the smoke cleared. See we over here at GothamJungle knew that the marketing element surrounding this album would overshadow the actual project itself. Which would have the pundits reviewing Magna Carta… Holy Grail on a slant. Which is totally UNFAIR. So although most of you have the opus, for those who don’t the official album review is here.


20130802-123022.jpgWhen it’s creative, it’s creative. I have to give Jimmy Fallon credit for one thing: his spin on culture is creative while staying relevant. And he has the ability to keep you engaged in the midst of it. I put him in the category of CC 101. Just enjoy this video as a testament to what he brings to the party…


I didn’t overhear this one. I’m just paying attention to the signs…..

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Hurricane Sandy has you in the house…? Mive Content has a remedy to ease your angst…

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“GothamJungle baby… see it, Think It, BE IT!!!”

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Mive Content has finally conceded that Windows 8 has established Microsoft as a viable tech competitor to Apple’s supremacy. If your a PC baby, enjoy….

J&R Junior - All things Kids!


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In one of the most surprising developments of 2011. Tyrese has a hit record. Now will it sell?… Don’t know.. Does the world give a damn? That I don’t know either. What I do know is my man Mive Content got something to say about it…..


What’s up peeps! What is good in your hood this week? In my hood things are only “so so” because although I had a very successful day on Saturday picking the college games, I should have gone 4 and 0, but had a winless Sunday picking the Pro Games. All in all, I came out even. So with a quick recap of last week I give you the Good, Bad, and UGLY!


So So Def artist Da Brat, is fresh out of doing her bid, smashes back into the limelight with a nice remix. With the thinking of an indie artist, with the assistance of Jermaine Dupri, Brat takes on Kelly Rowland’s hit song, “Motivation”. Strategically a great move. Strike while the iron is hot as they say.


Comparing On-line Radio promotions to Broadcast Radio Promotions

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