One of the music industry commandments:  Thou shalt not leak new albums!!!. Instinctively it makes sense: “If I get it early I don’t have to buy it”. OR “If I listen to it early, I can decide if it’s good enough for me to purchase or not”.

As much as the record companies have been kicked in the stomach (deservedly so) the past few years, ironically it seems a group of albums have leaked over the weekend & it appears they came from a service used by music labels to share files with media, radio and taste-makers .

Well….. AbsolutePunk is reporting that under false pretenses a “Australian music critic” signed up for an account with Play MPE . Then this “critic” accessed music he wasn’t entitled to, including upcoming releases by Macy Gray, The Gaslight Anthem, Hole & The Black Keys amongst others.

Then this “critic” posted the downloaded WAV files to, a private BitTorrent tracker, and enjoyed discussing his escapade on the message board. Play MPE got on their game, tracked him down and shut down him down. Legal action is being considered, but “paaty dun” and damage irrevocable .

AbsolutePunk referred to this kid as a hacker, but he didn’t crack Fort Knox of pull a Madoff ponsi scheme people.  He opened an account under the guise of a music critic and figured out the coding and fudged the numbers by experimentation (not brain surgery here?!?).

Would you bootleg these classics????

Now his message board game and posts could have all been bogus (had to keep up the facade right??).  But consider if this info is accurate, how could Play MPE have allowed this “Breach of security”?? But when a service is involved,  the clients needs/protection aren’t relevant until the client screams for it.  As long as the service is being compensated coming and going, they aren’t concerned.  And that means the artists will be the real losers here. But here’s a thought.  If you have downloaded the material and happen to like it,  buy the real thing and support them. At minimum these infractions should motivate the artist(s) to make the best material possible.  That way a true consumer will want the actual album right?  Who want a bootleg download of “Thriller” or “The Wall” or “What’s Goin On” hmmm . 1+1=2 or is it 11?

It’s a GothamJungle thing baby…!!!

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  3. Good job on the enjoyable piece which certainly everyone was pleased with. All the details was amusing but useful at the same time. Thanks for keeping us interested!

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