Your Car Care REPs have officially opened up our Online Shop!! We’ve been on this winding cyber road a long time and now its time to celebrate this historic milestone. With this being Black History month we figured let’s pay homage to some of the African-American inventors and designers that have made history and a difference in the automotive world. So unbuckle your seat belt as we chop it up with you on the home front.


I wanna briefly touch on the understanding some of the people have when reading this blog. Let’s watch 2 time Academy Award winner Denzel Washington explain the movement in Hollywood for the black actor and director. As we’re closing out Black History month, let’s focus not only on the people (who paved the way) but how we as a generation can grow. Sometimes it is a “numbers thing, not a color block”. We touch on sales for music and movies all the time, now we can analyze the “why”. Hear from one of the top actors black, white or yellow, etc on how the BUSINESS is. Race may be a part of what reduces the cinematic visuals we see at the box office, but (as with each generation) we never stop moving forward.


Your Car Care REPs have arrived and we brought a trailer load of goodies for all our GoJu fans. September 18-23rd was the 4th annual 2011 New York City MotorExpo. Of course Your Car Care REPs were front and center lane to cover all of the vehicles this year in GothamJungle. The MotorExpo currently takes place in New York, Los Angeles, London and the city of Toronto. This motor auto show has taken off at an exponential rate. Today we’ll discuss some of the history of the MotorExpo along with its purpose. So roll back the sunroof cause we’re about to cruise downtown.


Wax, this is an artist y’all should look out for. This Scrublife/DefJam artist is getting ready to make some serious noise. I find him to be a edgier (I say this lightly) than Slim Shady. He is comical, witty and lyrical… He borders on the line of corny but he pulls it off. At the end of the day, I believe this is who the kid is… And he is the truth. Who knows if he will explode to the stardom of Eminem, but the fact still remains, he is talented. Max, I see you and will be seeing you about this kid. Yo Wax send me some promo piece mannn!


Today will be a different ride with me GoJuNation. I am not in a music mood with the recent change to radio royalties for musicians (click here if you missed that), I am in a planning stage. With that said, I am giving the music a break until next week. Today, I am going to join Mive Content on the movie train. I want to showcase a movie that is focused around all the martial arts heads out there. If you grew up mimicking the movements of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Steven Segal… then you know what I am talking about.

Blue EN-V

GoJu Nation Your Car Care REPs are back on the scene and the ride is looking so fresh and so clean, clean. This time of year brings about two major things in Gotham Jungle, warmer weather and the New York International Auto Show. This years 2011 auto show was much bigger than previous years. The Jacob Javits Center had to open up a 3rd level to accommodate all the vehicles and even make room for the Dub Auto Show that represented this year along with the usual suspects. In fact, this show was so huge with so much to report on, that I have to break this article into 3 installments. This 1st installment is what most of the audience and manufactures were buzzing about during this years NY International Auto Show, the Electric Vehicle / EV, and rightfully so. With gas prices continuing to rise, EV’s are quickly becoming a viable alternative. Today we’ll discuss what the NY International Auto Show had in store for spectators seeking gasoline alternative cars.


Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski have worked together three times before new animated release, Rango. The first was Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, which you’ve probably heard of. The next two films were the sequels, and were, frankly, an ungodly disappointment. So, I was a little gun-shy when I saw they had got back together for a new film, an animated spaghetti western about a lizard. But I’m all about giving things the chance to prove themselves.


Simply put the iPad2 is coming. There is so much to discuss about this product that we just had to give you guys the people from Apple to explain all the possibilities. But before I go… something special for my music people out there to check out. If you are a budding musician or producer, check out what GarageBand can now do for you. Bananas! ~Qban


What’s Good! GoJu Nation! Your Car Care REPs are primed up and ready to take you full throttle. February 20th 2011 was considered the Super Bowl of Motorsports. The 53rd annual Daytona 500! I was fortunate enough to spend my university years living in Daytona Beach. I experienced the thrill of the Daytona 500 several times first hand. This year was a monumental and historical one. Trevor Bayne & the Wood Brothers racing team are the winners of the 2011 Daytona 500. Trevor Bayne is the youngest driver yet to win this prestigious (and richest) US auto race and this is the 1st win for the Wood Brothers racing team since 1976. At just 20 years young Trevor Bayne’s name is added to the list of other winners that dates back to the year 1959. I was watching this year’s race with my son. During the race he says to me “Dada, why is this so exciting? They’re just going around and around in circles.” A lot of people watching auto racing on television seem to say the same thing. So what makes the Daytona 500 such a huge race and attracts fans from all over the country? Today we’ll discuss the history of the Daytona 500 and see what fuels fans excitement.


GoJuNation, how are you? Many times you all come to read the great articles we have listed and check out the new hotness we post. But truth be told the main focus for me being down with the change that is GothamJungle is to inspire change and educate. Often I feel that I am on a soapbox speaking to the masses on how I think things should be, some people listen and some don’t. This mini-series that I plan to introduce we give you all different voices of reason. Other respected individuals that I know dropping knowledge you need to hear if you are interested in getting involved with the music BUSINESS. ~Qban

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