Even us geniuses have to take some down time, GoJu Nation. Hope you enjoyed your holiday.  I definitely detoxed. But now we’re back on the grind.   Memorial Day weekend was billed as kid’s animation vs. Chick flick.  Will Shrek keep the #1 spot?   Or will the women charge the movies in droves for “Sex and the City 2“?


Sorry so late GoJu Nation.  Working on some GothamJungle business.  Here we go.  Iron Man 2 doesn’t surprise anyone taking the #1 spot on the charts this week ($133M over the weekend… woah).  What’s gonna be interesting is how long it will maintain that spot.. Although it’s only the 2nd week in May it’s officially summer movie season.


You know how you have wish lists when it comes to entertainment?  Like what would it be like if Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis & Arnold Schwarzenegger were in the same movie?  And what if they had like Jet Li & Jason Statham and other current action, wrestling and MMA stars in the same movie?  Testosterone overload right? Well on Augutst 13 2010 its coming.  And it’s called “The Expendables”

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