I wanna briefly touch on the understanding some of the people have when reading this blog. Let’s watch 2 time Academy Award winner Denzel Washington explain the movement in Hollywood for the black actor and director. As we’re closing out Black History month, let’s focus not only on the people (who paved the way) but how we as a generation can grow. Sometimes it is a “numbers thing, not a color block”. We touch on sales for music and movies all the time, now we can analyze the “why”. Hear from one of the top actors black, white or yellow, etc on how the BUSINESS is. Race may be a part of what reduces the cinematic visuals we see at the box office, but (as with each generation) we never stop moving forward.


Today will be a different ride with me GoJuNation. I am not in a music mood with the recent change to radio royalties for musicians (click here if you missed that), I am in a planning stage. With that said, I am giving the music a break until next week. Today, I am going to join Mive Content on the movie train. I want to showcase a movie that is focused around all the martial arts heads out there. If you grew up mimicking the movements of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Steven Segal… then you know what I am talking about.


Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski have worked together three times before new animated release, Rango. The first was Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, which you’ve probably heard of. The next two films were the sequels, and were, frankly, an ungodly disappointment. So, I was a little gun-shy when I saw they had got back together for a new film, an animated spaghetti western about a lizard. But I’m all about giving things the chance to prove themselves.


Always aiming to please I want to remind all our comic book fan out there that are upset by the passing of the Human Torch, remember it is the circle of life. With every death comes new life. Marvel may end the path of Johnny Storm, but they give us new life with the “origin” movie series. Behold and be reminded of the glory and power of THOR!


I love music … I love J-Lo… but I DO NOT love this song. “Starting Over” is a song, that I think the exec’s at Def Jam and Jennifer Lopez’s management should follow the concept and start over. Granted the version of the songs, is an unmixed (or so I hope) version, however, the pitch problems are pronounced. They are funding garbage… meaning the production and more so the engineering & vocal production. I think the writing is in pocket with Jennifer’s vibe but not in the proper key for her voice. In turn, this make the entire song bad.



We’re into August now GoJu nation & the scorecards are starting to show who are the clear losers and winner this summer.  A clear winner so far is Christopher Nolan as a director.  He’s not only re-invigorated the Batman franchise, he’s now completely established himself as the mental suspense KING.  If you haven’t seen Memento (thanks Elijah) please click the Netlflix link below and rent it.  You need to see the evolution of Chris Nolan as a director.  Before the big budgets so you can capture his mental stake in his films and how they translate.  Genius. Other Notes:


Heere we go. How strong does “Despicable Me” look today?  The choice to market “The Minions” in front of the movie is very official. It’s adding a layer to the movie that may not be seen unless you actually see the movie. And the mall presence around the country combined with the TV commercials in addition to the fast food marketing show the synergy all these elements present.  I say this to back the #1 spot that “Despicable Me” holds from this weeks box office.  Basically clearing the whole movie budget in one weekend.  That’s how Hollywood would like every movie they release to perform.


You know what happens when the Disney-Pixar train rolls into the station.  It sits there for a while. An immovable object basking in its glory.  That’s what we’re looking at with “Toy Story 3“.  Another #1 spot at the box office.  Another generation of Woody, Buzz & the gang being indoctrinated.  A beautiful thing.  NOW where’s “The Incredibles” sequel!!!


This can’t be possible… We all knew Toy Story 3 would be the #1 movie in the country (by 80M… woah).  I can also wax poetic about the virtues of Pixar and spew out the wonderful number of this past weekend but I’m shocked at the putrid performance of Jonah Hex.

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