~Mive Content – Just to keep you in the know GoJu Nation.  This is another case of using the reality show vehicle as a platform to jump-start a career.  I’m not knocking the hustle per se but I am letting you know to be aware that the judges are now overshadowing the contestants by promoting their projects when they could/should be helping/encouraging the fledgling new comers. Food for thought.  If there was no “The Voice” would Miss Aguilera be promoting a new project by performing two of her singles on the show.  I’m not sayin, I’m just SAYING.  Now fan favorite Q’ban is here with the review of Christina’s newest album “Lotus”…


The dog is back with his long awaited album, “Undisputed”. The big questions are, could we have waited longer?… Should he even do an album? “X” returns to us going indie, f#ck the majors because they didn’t understand him. Hmm… after listening to the latest installment, I get why they didn’t.

NJ: Power 105.1's Powerhouse 2005: Operation Takeover

We bring you #4 on Ras Benzo’s list of what you should  not be doing in 2012.
4.  Starting a beef with people WAY more famous than you
There was a time in urban music when the playing field was a lot more even; a time when labels, artists and their fans worked together to make a way for the genre. It used to be that if you wanted to get some attention and make a name, you could pick a target and start some beef! Remember when Lolita Gooden made a name for herself when she dissed those four dudes who cancelled their appearance at a show? No. you don’t. But you do remember Roxanne Shante! It was the start of her career and the moment that rappers realized they could make a name for themselves by taking shots at people more famous than them.


We continue Ras Benzo and his top 5 list of what you shouldn’t be doing as an artist in 2010.
3.  Beefing with your label in public
Even Nas, in his bitter relationship with Def Jam understands that beefing with your record label is so 15 years ago. The artist is responsible in this era of being mindful in negotiating a deal that supports his aspirations and potential. We all know that labels can be shady, unsupportive and down-right nasty, but they can also be the back bone of what holds you together. Rappers beefing with labels is like over-paid athletes complaining about their jobs/teams/salaries. There are so many people who would quickly take their place, who are lined up for the opportunity to be used and “abused” by the system. Being an artist is not a special talent. Working as a professional musician is a job – just like working in a factory. It might seem glorious, but those moments are the grand total years of hard work by tons of OTHER people. When the person with the least amount of sweat equity invested, often the newest person on the team (the artist) has the audacity to start a public beef with a system that has been working just fine for so long without them, The system does just that – it goes on to working just fine without them.


GoJuNation time for me to get on a platform, soapbox, whatever and preach for a sec. Now this is not my normal motion, but I have to address the abundance of Beyoncé haters that have been spreading their negative energy. Let it be known, I don’t get paid from the Beyoncé camp… I don’t have ties to the project… and I am not a fan I hers per say. I am a fan of good music and she produces “good” to “great” music.


GoJuNation, how are you? Many times you all come to read the great articles we have listed and check out the new hotness we post. But truth be told the main focus for me being down with the change that is GothamJungle is to inspire change and educate. Often I feel that I am on a soapbox speaking to the masses on how I think things should be, some people listen and some don’t. This mini-series that I plan to introduce we give you all different voices of reason. Other respected individuals that I know dropping knowledge you need to hear if you are interested in getting involved with the music BUSINESS. ~Qban


On the eve of American Idol going more glam and less behind the scenes, the A&R search comes from Jennifer Lopez. Lost? Good… I am talking about the slow leaks of her project on IDJ (Island DefJam). It seems like DefJam is understanding what Sony lost sight off… push the artist when there is a buzz. Who knows if the project will be a hit, but I think with the sound I already heard, and the climate of current pop music… she has a great shot. The style that is being crafted for her is very dance (similar to “On the 6″… good look.) …very retro sounding… very open … great features like Pitbull and Ludacris.


As I do, you hear it first. I got that new R&B smoke and fire from Kandi Burruss. Shout to Kandi Koated Ent. So back to the music, I like this song mucho. Now let me be clear it is a straight album cut, but a good one. Outkast sample of “Elevators” (ATL all day), and Kandi does what she does. I don’t know if the career as a solo artist will work for her, but I know she will continue to pen hits for others. Hopefully she has saved that hit song for herself.


Jamie Foxx tends to link with the "hot" artist of the moment. Does this duet with "Drizzy" do it for you?


I love music … I love J-Lo… but I DO NOT love this song. “Starting Over” is a song, that I think the exec’s at Def Jam and Jennifer Lopez’s management should follow the concept and start over. Granted the version of the songs, is an unmixed (or so I hope) version, however, the pitch problems are pronounced. They are funding garbage… meaning the production and more so the engineering & vocal production. I think the writing is in pocket with Jennifer’s vibe but not in the proper key for her voice. In turn, this make the entire song bad.

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