~Mive Content – Just to keep you in the know GoJu Nation.  This is another case of using the reality show vehicle as a platform to jump-start a career.  I’m not knocking the hustle per se but I am letting you know to be aware that the judges are now overshadowing the contestants by promoting their projects when they could/should be helping/encouraging the fledgling new comers. Food for thought.  If there was no “The Voice” would Miss Aguilera be promoting a new project by performing two of her singles on the show.  I’m not sayin, I’m just SAYING.  Now fan favorite Q’ban is here with the review of Christina’s newest album “Lotus”…


Water Music artist, Alus, is unique with her R&B/Pop styling and sound. Blasting off in the industry with her single, “Run”, produced by Shaun Bless. In only one month, this budding songstress has already garnered 25,000 hits on Youtube and features on notable publication like King of A&R and Hits Daily Double to name a few.


The dog is back with his long awaited album, “Undisputed”. The big questions are, could we have waited longer?… Should he even do an album? “X” returns to us going indie, f#ck the majors because they didn’t understand him. Hmm… after listening to the latest installment, I get why they didn’t.


SOMETHING FROM NOTHING: THE ART OF RAP is a feature-length performance documentary film about the runaway juggernaut that is Rap music. At the wheel of this unstoppable beast is the film’s director and interviewer Ice-T. Ice-T takes us on a deeply personal journey to uncover how this music of the street has grown to dominate the world. Along the way Ice-T meets some of the remarkable superstars of Rap, from Eminem to Dr. Dre, to Snoop Dogg and Kanye West. He exposes the roots and history of Rap and then, through meeting most of its most famous protagonists studies the living mechanism of the music to reveal The Art Of Rap.
Courtesy of IMDB


The music industry is a strange place driven by its own rules. It is often the place where popular groups are lauded for stealing material from lesser known acts. It is a place where notorious underground artists can write cheesy hits for artists it would seem they despise especially when their ghost-written efforts are way more successful than their own. Often, from the outside fans and aspiring artists get caught up in the hype and lose their way. They forget that there are lawyers, technicians, agents, vocal coaches, designers, managers, engineers and plenty of money involved in taking advantage of the casual listener’s naivety. A lot is invested in maintaining the illusion that is “professional image,” and they are not about to let some hood-rat rookie bring down the industry with their bad manners and lack of tact. As anxious as players can be to get in the game, there are certain things that will get you shutdown, locked-out and possibly killed. Here’s our top 5:


~Qban – Every few years we are lucky enough to witness those special artists that have the innate ability to pierce our spirits with their vocal ability. More so, we get lucky every now and then than those artists can make the proper songs to make an impact. Jojo, Blackground/Interscope artist is prime to be the next level artist with her new single, “Limbo”, perfectly titled for her journey.


After the success of “Thank Me Later” many hoped but were unsure how the YMCM member would respond to the huge success of his opening release. In true Drizzy style, it seems as if he planned all this out. Moving like a champion chess player Drake has strategically kept himself relevant with featured hits with Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross. While being mindful of over saturation, yet understand when to feed the public, Drake is simmering back to the top of the charts. The underground is buzzing about his newest single “Marvin’s Room”, so much so, it has already been remix by Jojo, Sammie and Nextday Entertainment/EMI diva Kim Morrell (S/o to @KimMorrellMusic… my Kimmy Love ya. ) and more… yet Kimmy killed it! Yes, that is fam!
Check the video, so official for Drake… check the @KimMorrellMusic remix… hit the twitter… spread the word. Why? ‘Cause @therealqban said so! #GothamJungle
Qban [@therealqban /@gothamjungle]


GoJuNation time for me to get on a platform, soapbox, whatever and preach for a sec. Now this is not my normal motion, but I have to address the abundance of Beyoncé haters that have been spreading their negative energy. Let it be known, I don’t get paid from the Beyoncé camp… I don’t have ties to the project… and I am not a fan I hers per say. I am a fan of good music and she produces “good” to “great” music.


Week two of the Omarion resurgence… the word on the street & internet has been a lot of hate. Hater-ade has been passed out to the masses on “O’s” indie push. But you know what “they” say it is better to be talked about than to not be talked about at all. So to me he must still be relevant…
Aside from the mis-step on a few songs (remember this is a mixtape), the mixing was not best quality to my ears, as shown most evidently on the Aaliyah cover of “One in A Million”, sadly I think if it was mixed properly people would have had a different opinion. “Come Talk” should have never been f-ed up, COME ON SON! Plus, from my A&R mind, he is missing the WOW factor on the tracks. Where is my “Dueces” song, or something that will propel the mixtape in a “wait until I drop an official joint” moment?
I like Omarion intention to be different but he may have to re-think the approach. I like O as an artist, he got that thing, I just hope he finds it again. Check the latest video release featuring Red Café, “Battle”.
Let me know if YOU care?


Already popular in her home country of the UK, platinum selling Jessie J is phenomenal. The easiest way to classify her (if you must) is a UK version of P!nk with a touch more urban developed sound. As far as compliments go, I am not sure if I can’t place Jessie J in higher praise (Being that I love P!nk as an artist). Some may be familiar with Ms. J Cornish (Jessie J) by way of her songwriting skills. Paying her due and learning the business Jessie J has worked with many artists behind the scenes, most notably for her co-writing on “Party in the USA” via Miley Cyrus.
Now, people worldwide get to experience the mastery that is Jessie J. I had the pleasure of seeing her blowup the stage on BET 106 and Park recently, amazing. I have a feeling this is the tip of the iceberg for her. Knowing her management (shout to Sarah/Crown Music) she will be huge. Hopefully, Grand Reve Music can contribute along the way to Jessie J’s superstardom.
Much loves goes out to my UK connection and Jessie J’s cuz (j/k lol) Mel aka MJC of TheStreetSavvy.com.
Qban [@therealqban]
Check the video for her new joint, “Nobody’s Perfect”:

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