Sorry so late GoJu Nation.  Working on some GothamJungle business.  Here we go.  Iron Man 2 doesn’t surprise anyone taking the #1 spot on the charts this week ($133M over the weekend… woah).  What’s gonna be interesting is how long it will maintain that spot.. Although it’s only the 2nd week in May it’s officially summer movie season.

Picture 18

Now you don’t know this but I have a sixth sense for recognizing talent.  You’ll find that out in time.  Now, I’m a lil slow on the uptake with some things but in the last week I’ve seen “He’s Just Not That Into You” & “The Hangover”.  In both movies (without any justification) I said out loud “Who is this Matthew McConaughey look a like cat???” then within 2 minutes of both movies I said “This guy is 2 seconds from being the next “it” guy!!!” I had no idea this was Bradley Cooper who had TV stints on “Nip Tuck”, “Lost” and also the movies “Wedding Crashers”/”Yes Man”.  Again a lot of you may know who he is but, may not have called out loud that he’s the next major star in Hollywood.  That’s what I’m calling out people cause when I pulled this “A-Team” (2010) trailer.  I screamed there’s that damn guy again and he’s in the perfect role of “Templeton (Faceman) Peck” in this movie.  Matthew McConaughey better lower his movie fees cause just like Zoe Saldana (damn she is fine)  is taking Rosario Dawson’s roles, Bradley is about to clip Matthew.

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