This I saw coming.  Robin Hood is a legendary tale that spans the test of time.  Problem is this current society suffers from A.D.D. in the now.   So there wasn’t any way Iron Man 2 was gonna get knocked off the #1 perch.  And if you see the budget column, Robin Hood has a long was to go to recoup budget wise. We’ll see how the next few weeks play out.


Sorry so late GoJu Nation.  Working on some GothamJungle business.  Here we go.  Iron Man 2 doesn’t surprise anyone taking the #1 spot on the charts this week ($133M over the weekend… woah).  What’s gonna be interesting is how long it will maintain that spot.. Although it’s only the 2nd week in May it’s officially summer movie season.


This is amazing that I’m even writing this.   Twenty-Six years after the original, A Nightmare on Elm Street wins the box office this weekend.  The Freddy Krueger storyline is classic, has stood the test of time and the re-invention of the classic horror movie genre has been profitable.  What’s next, I have no idea but the wunderkinds in Hollywood will figure it out.


We’re entering May GoJu Nation.  That means the real movies are on deck.  They start the summer early in Hollywood. They want to get into your pockets as much as possible so the summer blockbusters actually are now starting in Spring.  You’ll see what I mean in a lil while…


To all the kids in this country this is status quo but to the adults this movie is sliding under the radar.  But, “How to Train Your Dragon” is doing significant numbers.   Over 150M so far and will prolly recoup it’s budget by this time next week.   Animation movies are taking over the world and the 3D craze is just getting started.   This summer will tell the tale. (, I’m excited about Toy Story 3!!!)

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