Customized Solutions for Qualitative Content Delivery


Specializing in the strategic targeting and mind mapping of a specific demographic element, and developing proprietary data mining solutions to create extremely targeted search engine results, information and data stores to collect people involved in your similar work, event and interests, as well as relevant job boards, virtual conferences, videos, live news feeds, blogs, research paper reviews, and other activity within the network. “We’ve tried to make it one-stop shop for socially bringing together those with common goals, objectives and interests.” -Kenyatta Galbreth

The GothamJungle SocNet Engineering solution takes all of your demographic data, graphics, social networks, web sites, branding models and culture, and rounds it up into a qualitative, web based social experience.



The development of social and professional solutions, which bring corporate interests together is essential in todays multicultural and technology-based society. GothamJungle’s SOCNET solutions, which include: the sharing of products, services, and info amongst people with a common interest, Networking tools including blogs, traditional websites, social networking websites and advanced customized application solutions is that solution which groups interests, with events and events with exposure.