Customized Solutions for Qualitative Content Delivery


GothamJungle is a forerunner in defining, designing, developing, integrating, installing, and delivering customized quick-reaction prototypes, mock-ups and operational systems based branding solutions for the corporate and entertainment-focused community. Our expertise in requirements analysis, code development and delivery, security, COTS integration, and hardware selection, configuration, and integration is how we cater to those in need of a secure, branded, social networking involved, technology focused content delivery system. With over 50 certifications on staff, we pride ourselves in the knowledge and track record in delivery of the best.

Our Expertise

  1. iPhone and Android certified developers

  2. JAVA and WEB based applications

  3. Precision RF calibration system development and integration

  4. Network Engineering and security specialists, CISCO

  5. System administration, UNIX, LINUX, Windows

  6. Database development, integration, and administration

  7. Remote system administration and E2 engineering support

  8. QRC Engineering, analog and digital circuit design, Customization solutions

  9. HTML5, Flash, and numerous other web and application-based tool sets


We Train professionals on customized solutions

We employ Sr. Technologists- certified instructors who are unsurpassed in their ability to develop system requirement specifications, user guides, maintenance manuals, and technical training programs for all of our customized integration solutions.



We are an expert in the development, integration, delivery, and maintenance of Branded Business Application solutions using numerous software-based tools and iOS, Android, web, Caspio and database- based development software suites.

Our Capabilities

  1. Business Intelligence and Risk Assessment

  2. Fully Customized and Branded Application Solutions

  3. Software Engineering

  4. Mixed Technology and Systems Integration

  5. Network Engineering and Security Solutions

  6. Custom Code Integration

  7. Custom Design Modeling and Mock-up Development

  8. Documentation and Training

Technology Integration Managers