Event Branded Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions for Qualitative Content Delivery


Qualitative Branded Content Delivery

We develop entertainment and content-focused products for the newest, fastest growing and most aggressive tech-focused companies; deliver those products to said companies’ constituents, thus driving a satisfied client base back to GothamJungle where we can implement additional products, content, applications and socnet solutions.

Technology Integration Management

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Social Network Engineering

Customized Application Development

Best of Breed technologies...Developing a broad mix of internal skills and technologies can be a challenging task, and of course, retaining those skills can be even more challenging. We build solid development teams from the very best talent across the United States and abroad, and leverage technologies from Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Sybase and others to deliver a world-class competitive advantage to our customers.
Is your IT Architecture enabling or disabling your success? Your ability to rapidly deploy new products and services, scale operations to meet business demands and run a cost effective efficient operation is dependent on the design and flexibility of your IT architecture. A successful IT Architecture must be closely aligned with your business processes to deliver the highest value, maximize ROI and enable you to quickly respond to constantly changing business needs.

Look, feel, page placement, design, integration- these are but a few of the personalized branding implementations we provide at GothamJungle. There are quite a few over-the-counter apps which allow you to do small changes in text, logo and backgrounds, but we allow extreme targeted branding models that are truly impactful, and drive your brand to wholly increase the impact of your product, event, company and your efforts! From customization to code, we provide technology based branding solutions that work.

SOCNET Engineering and Customized Application Development